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Product overview

Electrical safety tests (Low Voltage Directive) / Hipot tests / High Voltage tests

    Partial discharge testers / Transformer testers / C & tan delta meters :
  • Partial Discharge testers
  • Transformer testers
  • Capacitance and dissipation factor bridges
  • High Voltage dividers

Cable testers / Harness testers

Magnetic measuring technology

  • Gaussmeters / Teslameters
  • ELF meters
  • Hallgenerators
  • Current sensors
  • Voltage sensors


  • Radio monitoring & surveillance
  • Communication intelligence solutions
  • Speech processing
  • Digital tuners WB and SB

Production tests, automotive and industrial

  • Production line testing of engines (gasoline engines, diesel engines), gear boxes, electric motors and sub-assemblies

Fault and crack detection

  • Crack detection systems for ceramics, castings, forged and pressed components, roof tiles, magnets, etc.

Speech analysis and processing

  • Speech detection
  • Language identification

Mechanical vibration - Predictive Maintenance of rotating machinery

  • Vibration exciters
  • Electrodynamic shaker systems
  • Portable vibration data collectors / frequency analyzers for PdM
  • Expert diagnose software
  • Multiple plane balancing equipment

Vibration test systems repair & maintenance

Opto-electronics - Dimentional measurements

  • Laser extensometers
  • Laser doppler extensometers & velocimeters
  • Contactless dimentional measurements (capacitive and inductive): distance, thickness, diameter, circularity, coating thickness, etc.