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Orsima is a distributor - in the Benelux and France - of worldwide well known and respected manufacturers of (electronic) measuring and test equipment, and service companies. Our partners are located either in Europe (Germany, France, Switzerland and the UK) or in the United States of America, and have an excellent reputation of quality, use of the latest technologies, and an excellent service.


Sefelec, leader in Electrical safety testing and Harness Tester, is manufacturing a wide range of Safety tester (made of ground bond tester + megohmmeter + hipot tester + line leakage tester), Cable Tester (also called backplane tester), and T&M devices such as microhmmeter, milliohmmeter,teraohmmeter (very high insulation resistance test), high voltage tester (also called dielectric withstand tester).
Located in Marne-la-Vallée (east of Paris, France)
> Benelux

F.W. Bell

A subsidiary of Sypris Test & Measurement Inc., and situated in Orlando (Florida, USA), F.W. Bell is a worldwide leading manufacturers of Gaussmeters / Teslameters, Hall generators as well as current and voltage hall sensors.
> Benelux and France


Department RMS (Radio Monitoring and Surveillance Solutions) : specialised in the application of digital signal processing and pattern recognition techniques to the fields of Communication Intelligence, Radio Monitoring and Surveillance, and Speech Technology.
> Belgium, Luxemburg and France
Department IAS (Industrial & Automotive Solutions) : standard and customized solutions for production line testing of engines (gasoline and diesel), gear boxes, electric motors and sub-assemblies. Further acoustiic crack detection systems for ceramics, castings, forged and pressed components, and roof tiles.
Medav is located in Uttenreuth (close to Nurnberg, Germany)
> Benelux en Frankrijk


A Swiss company specialized in Partial Discharge measuring sytems, High Voltage reference dividers and Capacitance measurement bridges.
> Benelux


Cambridge Vibration Maintenance Services Ltd. (Royston, UK) offers world class vibration service : repair, maintenance, calibration and refurbishment, as well as upgrading of existing vibration and shock testing systems.
> Benelux

DLI Engineering

Products and services for Machine Condition Assessment. DLI Engineering (Bainbridge Island, Wachington, USA) pioneers since 1966 vibration-based condition analysis, and offers a unique condition monitoring approach in the field of innovative instrumentation and software products. Vibration analysis systems include Expert machine condition assessment software, portable diagnostic data collectors and field analyzers, as well as on-line vibration monitoring systems.
> België en Luxemburg

Fogale Nanotech

Nîmes, France. Dimentional non-contact metrology in industrial and laboratory environments. Capacitive and inductive measuring instrumentation for displacement, thickness, distance, coating thickness, ovalization, distortion, internal diameter, etc.
> Benelux

Fiedler Optoelektronik

Laser extensometers for research and development.
Located in Luetzen, Germany (near Leipzig).
> Benelux